Current and Past


Current and Past


Where We Are Bowling

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Games of 266, 277, 225

Series of 768


Games of 257, 234, 277

Series of 768

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Dustin Hopkins   299   8/24/2020

Travis Anderson  299  8/24/2020

Bob Baker            299  10/5/2020

Adam Johnson    298  10/5/2020

Gary Strait        299   10/19/2020

Andy Stone       300   10/19/2020

Steve Taylor      300   11/2/2020

Kenny Shockency 300 11/2/2020

Kenny Combs   816    11/16/2020

Tommy Barnwell 809 11/16/2020

Tommy Barnwell 300 11/16/2020

Jason Jones     300   11/16/2020

Andy Stone   299  11/16/2020

Benny Barnwell 300  11/16/2020

Andy Stone   299    11/16/2020

Kenny Shockency804 11/30/2020

Dan Rogers      300   12/7/2020

Don Sweet    296  12/14/2020

Don Sweet   811   12/14/2020

Luke Morris    300   12/14/2020

Luke Morris   802   12/14/2020 

Gary Strait   815  12/21/2021 

Sammy Taylor   299  1/4/2021

Gary Strait     300   1/11/2021

Bob Baker     299    1/11/2021

Bob Baker     805    1/11/2021

Bob Baker     299    1/25/2021

Bob Baker     300    1/25/2021

Bob Baker     825    1/25/2021

Kenny Shockency 300  1/25/2021

Vince Pollard  300   2/1/2021

Vince Pollard   802  2/1/2021

Don Sweet       804  2/1/2021

Dan Rogers     800  2/1/2021

Travis Anderson  300  3/2/2021

Tommy Barnwell  300  3/2/2021

Kenny Combs       801  3/8/2021

Hailey Jepson    300   3/8/2021

Vince Pollard    299   3/15/2021

Adam Johnson  298  3/22/2021

Andy Stone      300    3/29/2021

Travis Anderson  300  4/5/2021

Bob Ogle            299    4/5/2021

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Team Members Johnathan Hermacinkski, Kile Hardin, Travis Anderson, Austin Markley

Series 2830


The high team for the final week is Landmark who had a team series of 2830 and we had a tie for bowler of the week between Dustin Hopkins who had games of 266, 277, 225 for a 768 series along with Kevin Audi who had a set of 257, 234, 277 for a 768 series.


Our leader this year in average was Steve Taylor finishing the season with a 233.88 average and right behind him was Travis Anderson finishing with a 233.70 average.

Travis Anderson finished the season with the highest winning percentage taking 171 out of a possible 264 points and finishing second in points this year was Gary Strait and Steve Taylor both taking 154 out of a possible 248 for the year.



Congratulations to Potters Alley who is our last third winner and to Striketown Bowl who claimed the wildcard spot winning the most points without winning a third. These two teams join Mt Hawley Bowl the winner of our first third and Johnson Accounting the winner of the second for the first roll-off next week.


The roll off matches will consist of the number one seed Johnson Accounting against the wildcard team Striketown Bowl. The other match will be the number two seed, Potters Alley against the third seed Mt Hawley Bowl.

The winners of each match will meet the following week on April 26th at Potters Alley to determine the league champion.

We will have the payout at the second roll off date on April 26th along with food from a few of our sponsors so come out and support the final two that will be bowling for the league title!

This coming Monday is the first roll off at Potters Alley in Morton. 

**To see the scores from this past week you need to view the standings tab from week 26 as that is the week that was missed and all standings have now been put in order according to the original schedule.**


**Week 33 and the Current Standings tabs will show the final overall points and standings for all teams**

First Third Winner

Mt. Hawley Bowl

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Second Third Winner

Johnson Accounting

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Last Third Winner

Potters Alley


Wildcard Team

Striketown Bowl



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